Vector art is required for all spot color(s) printing. All colors must be Pantone Matching System (PMS) for spot color art. Please take note of the slot or hole and embossed border placement so that the artwork does not interfere.

Vector art is an editable contour line drawing or typeset copy usually created in a professional graphic program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign. The artwork remains crisp and scalable.

Our preferred graphic program is Illustrator CC. If available, please send files in their native format. Uncommon fonts must be converted to outlines.

We recommend including your P.O.# and artwork description in the art file name.

Please specify Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors or spot colors, not CMYK or RGB colors. Although not guaranteed, PMS colors are matched as closely as possible.

When a requested background color is unavailable, we will reverse-out, which means printing a product with a particular color up to the embossed border
(1/4” from the edge of plate). See Hartman plate on page 3. Borders of plates or signs are always embossed whether printed or not. This ensures rigidity and durability.


Acceptable file formats are tif (preferred), pdf, and jpeg with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. A black and white vector file must also be supplied illustrating embossing detail.

Embossing Vector File: 

If your design requires a die-cut shape or is printed to the edge of the plate or sign, please include a 1/8“ bleed to image supplied for cut area.
Pantone matches will be made as close as possible with CMYK colors.
When designing your artwork, we require that your document settings are set to CMYK . Please use only CMYK color palettes in your design. This will reduce any art or color issues when converting from RGB to CMYK.

Designed in RGB:

Converted from RGB to CMYK.

To avoid major color conversions, please create your design on a CMYK platform.
*** For the best black output, we recommend setting your CMYK black to C:40 M:40 Y:40 K:100.

Please take note of the slot or hole and embossed border placement so that artwork does not interfere.

Due to imperfections and weathering of the wood used to construct barrel heads, mdf and plywood each sign has unique coloration. We cannot guarantee Pantone color matches as the natural wood absorbs the ink and manipulates the finished colors

When requiring a specific route shape, a one color vector line art of the shape is needed.

Wood signs are recommended for indoor usage and not in areas of moisture, water, or rain.

*Illustrations of logo, trademarks or designs on products in our catalog do not necessarily imply endorsement of those products. They merely indicate our manufacturing capabilities.